Some of the Relevance of Embracing Scrum to Rescue a Project

Realizing the undeniable advantages of adopting Scrum

The three reasons below justify why a project should be moved to Scrum:

Incremental, uninterrupted delivery at the conclusion of the project

After the completion of overall planning, analysis and designing of a project does only the delivery happen with a Waterfall model. However, at the culmination of every 2 weeks does the delivery happen in minor portions which enables all stakeholders and the project board(s) concerned in a Scrum project to realize the achievements.

Heightened clearness and transparency

Scrum involves having a clear vision as to the list related with product delivery as well as the delivery order, after which execution of work Scrum Master certification, forthright commitment declaration towards that list before the end of that 2 week duration must be carried out. A board is required to envision the work they are focused on whereby valuable lessons are imbibed from mistakes.

Improved control

A strong discipline is required of the team members executing a Scrum project as Product Owners have the liberty to alter their perception (acceptance benchmarks which the team needs to adhere to) about the delivery order of products for every 2 weeks interval at the commencement of every single sprint.

Accepting the necessary role and importance of a Scrum Master

Lack of discipline in adhering to the standards laid down by Product Owners will always result in the team not achieving the benefits of Scrum for which an experienced Scrum Master is required of who can help the team in transitioning the project towards Scrum, educating the team about Scrum rules, shaping the team towards better usage of Scrum, making stakeholders understand the value of their support towards the project and monitoring the team’s work, checking to ensure team members do not do a U-turn towards past ineffective habits.

Conducting a Scrum training involving all necessary stakeholders

All stakeholders including the team should be made aware of the processes, roles, control mechanisms and basic rules of Scrum so that when everyone starts working on a Scrum project, they can coordinate and work using a common language (which can happen by working right through real time projects using Scrum). It can be done through relevant documentations available, case studies, anecdotes etc.

Transitioning to a Scrum-oriented governance standard related with the daily project execution

Integration of PRINCE2 with Scrum can do wonders for a project as role clarification and realization of improved mitigation of risk and tolerances of projects can be achieved much more in a simplified manner. However, to satisfy Project Boards regarding reports, the team(s) can make use of statistics in terms of the level of commitment by the team and the delivery with the expected set estimates etc. in the line of Project controls set by PRINCE2.

Allocating physical space for the Team(s) involved with Scrum Project

It’s vital to get authorization (if it was not there initially) for making use of some amount of physical space for the team as the team will need to – make use of white boards, put up sticky notes regarding WIP or work-in-progress communication.

Creating the Product Backlog

The product backlog helps in comparing the requirements of stakeholders with the outcomes of the project through delving in to the list of products, and obtaining feedback from users regarding their expectations of what and when regarding delivery will play a significant role in communication transparency.

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