What to Know When Buying a Home Theater Projector

You want the next big thing in home entertainment and you have decided to purchase a home theater projector. This is a big decision and one in which you need to carefully consider your options before making a decision. After all, using a projector for the purpose of home entertainment is still fairly new and because of this, this type of technology is still pricy.

When deciding on a home theater projector, you need to do your homework and you need to shop around for the best deal. One of the most important things you check when shopping around for a home theater projector is the life of the lamp that makes the projector work. These lights do burn out. They can be costly to replace and they can be hard to find. You will want to be sure that the projector you are considering has a lamp that is a www.haytheatre.com reasonable price and is readily available. Having said that, you must be completely prepared to pay a few hundred dollars for a replacement lamp.

This brings up the cost of the home theater projector itself. The minimum price for this piece of electronic equipment is going to be around $1000 and can get as high as a few thousand dollars. You have to be sure that you can afford what is very obviously a luxury. Sometimes you can get a deal on the previous year’s model or you can buy a used one and this will certainly bring the cost down, but you need to be certain that it is in good shape and that the lamp has lots of life left in it , especially if it is used. The last thing you need is to save $200 in buying a used Home theater projector and then have to spend $500 on a new lamp.

For entertainment savvy individuals, there is probably no question whether or not you wish to purchase a home theater projector. Also remember that you will need to have either a blank wall or a white screen in order to view the projector. The screens themselves usually run in upwards of a few hundred dollars apiece. In addition, the room must be fairly dark without a ton of windows or lighting, or you will never be able to see the images that are being projected.

The advantages of the home theater projector are numerous. They provide a better, sharper picture with better color and light intensity. As with any other piece of electronic equipment the price is sure to come down in the future. However, whether you buy one now or wait a while, your biggest decision when you get your new home theater projector home will be where to put it – on the table, on a shelf, or on the ceiling. Then it will be like having a movie theater in your own home and that is fantastic, especially if your family likes to watch a lot of movies.

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