Rowenta Steam Iron – It’s All About the Steam!


If you have to do the chore of ironing, why not have the best iron available. The Rowenta Steam Iron is that iron. Rowenta introduced their first steam iron in 1957. Now in 2009, Rowenta is one of the largest manufacturers of irons in the world.

For over 50 years, Rowenta has been continuously perfecting the iron. With the innovative design and advanced technology of the heat and steam features of the Rowenta Steam Iron, you will come to enjoy the Art of Ironing.

There are 3 Features that set the Rowenta Steam Iron apart from other irons on the market.

#1 Feature – Maximum Heat and Maximum Output Of SteamĀ centro de planchado

If you want your garments to look like they just came from the cleaners, your iron must have maximum heat and maximum output of steam. The Rowenta Steam Iron has been designed to do just that.

Not only does the iron have the maximum heat, it also has a very precise temperature control. This is very important when ironing different type fabrics. The powerful steam system that has been designed into the Rowenta Iron is incredible. In addition, Rowenta has added additional steam burst outputs to the tip of the iron and have added a second row of steam holes so that you get a wider coverage area when you are ironing.

#2 Feature – Glide-Ability

Most people may not even consider this feature when shopping for an iron. However, it is very important. When you iron for long lengths of time, your wrist and hands may ache due to having to push the iron across your garments. Rowenta has designed the ironing base with a unique micro dimple pattern as well as having a mirror polished finish, and combined, adds great glide-ability.

#3 Feature – Weight and Comfort

Weight is one of those features that most people think the lighter the iron, the better. This is not necessarily true. The iron is suppose to do the work for you, you just move the iron where it needs to go. The weight of the iron is what makes it feel solid and keeps you from having to continuously press down while ironing. Add that to the ergonomically designed handle, which fits a left or right handed person, and you have the ultimate in comfort in an iron.

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