Florida continues to attract more and more residents.


It’s a well-known fact that not all 50 states in the United States are benefiting equally from a thriving economy. In many areas of the country on employment, poverty, and economic growth are the same as before president Trump had elected and in some cases worse. For example places like California and New Jersey have seen a severe slowdown in population growth. The same report highlighted that the Chicago area had lost population for the third straight year in a row. In the meantime, Emmanuel Thomas, general manager at an HVAC Chicago engineering firm pointed out that today more than 60% of the company’s growth is coming from the Southeast especially the South Florida area of Miami-Dade and Broward County. The same state of mind was echo by Rebecca head editor over at Beenke.Com, an online blog, and magazine that caters to young mothers and parents with conservative values.

What a lot of people who don’t know Florida will tell you is that Florida is a very expensive place to live that if you knew anything about Florida or tax laws, you would strongly disagree with that statement. Unlike California and New York Florida doesn’t have a state tax, and while we do have hurricanes, there are considerably less of a threat than many will have you think. On the other hand, California has earthquakes. Unlike hurricanes where we know days and in many cases weeks ahead of time that is coming earthquakes, without any warning and as we have seen in recent time can cause as much or even more damage than your average hurricane.

All the areas such as New York and New Jersey have long been strongholds of liberal politics who rely on taxing the working individuals to buy votes from those less willing to do what is needed to get ahead. With that said it has been a considerable amount of speculation after Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum pulled ahead on the polls during the midterm election. This advantage will soon dwindle as the FBI pursues federal charges for corruption and mishandling of campaign funds. Furthermore, after Ron DeSantis was pronounced the newly elected Florida governor the economic prospects for Florida are once again on the radar of many families and individuals who live on both the West Coast and the Northeast.

While to many Florida is Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando. There’s a lot more to Florida than just the Metropolitan areas mentioned above. For example, Florida is one of the few states which still can have it custom home built in a multi-acre lot. This is exactly why so many small cities throughout the Florida Panhandle are growing at a double-digit rate. For example, it has become quite difficult to find a good and reliable plumber, electrician, and even land clearing in Pace, FL. With so many of the national builders now developing new neighborhoods throughout the Florida Panhandle on employment for trade-oriented jobs are at a 50 year low. A lot of people say that this growth is not sustainable, they also say that it’s just because of the weather, and even because Florida still a red state. Whatever the reason may be the state of Florida is growing at a consistent pace while places like Chicago, New York, and California are shrinking light raggedy old places nobody wants to live in anymore.

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