Poker – The Only Game Where the House Doesn’t Win

In general, gambling is a mug’s game. There is a reason casinos and online gambling sites exist, and it is to make profit from the punters. Any game where house is involved is where they make profit; this means the roulette wheel, craps and blackjack are all tailored to rake in the cash. Games where there is a high amount of chance involved, such as roulette, are guaranteed money makers for the casino, as player skill plays little to no part in the outcome of the game, and the odds are stacked invariably against the player.

The best way to avoid hearing that oft-spoken line, “house wins again”, is to take the casino itself out of the picture. Games such as poker pits players against each other, with no house involvement other than taking commission. Obviously, chance still plays a part in the way the cards fall, but luck is less of a factor than player skill. There is a reason that there are always the same familiar faces at a final table. More importantly though, win or lose, you aren’t letting the casino get their hands on your money แทงหวยออนไลน์.

The same principles apply to online gambling sites as to casinos – the same mug’s games to rob the punters. Poker online is considerably different however. It has its ups and downs – whilst it can be considered “easier” – as hands can be instantly calculated, you don’t need your poker face and there are hundreds of novice players to be found at low buy-in cash tables, there is however less of a sense of risk as you see no physical chips or cash at stake, and it is impossible to read other players.

As games of any value can be played online, it is also handy for more casual players not willing to play the large buy-ins at casinos, and being straight away pitted against more veteran players.

In short, poker, whether online or at the casino table, is the only “sensible” form of gambling, if there is such a thing, as it removes the house element from the game. With house gone, players are bound to win, which makes poker a more lucrative form of gambling. For as they say, “House always wins.”

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Resumes on the Web Are Like Terrible The Lottery Jackpot For Identity Thieves


Inside our pursuit for that ideal position, livelihood or our first job out of college lots of men and women visit the net for a source of self service marketing and promotion, job finder service and networking device. Hundreds of 1000’s use employment search programs such as; both and Yahoo HotJobs. Resumes are posted everywhere on the internet. Most every college, business, organization or private web site (for people who are searching for work ) supplies a resume, or some sort of contact, desktop, employment, or instructional details. University academics post their curriculum vita. Companies and medical professionals place their employment and educational information online to market their skills. But how safe is the information?

Security advocates, Better Business Bureaus and Employment pros, as well as that the Federal Bureau of Investigations have identified online fraud as one of the most common sources of identity theft. Identity burglars and potential companies equally may employ your information. What do you like it?

Listed below are a few examples of people that did not believe identity theft could happen to those by submitting their resume on the internet:

“Jim” reacted to a email petition in the individual identifying himself interested in Jim being a possible worker in a leading business in his area of expertise. Additional advice had been demanded for him, he had been instructed, so they can immediately perform background check before going throughout enough time and expenditure of additional interviews. After reacting with all the current information that the”firm” requested he followed with a phone call to detect the number he had awarded have been disconnected. He contacted the company through their tollfree number and after a disagreement with all the individual resource department ascertained he had been a victim of a fraud แทงหวยออนไลน์.

Three businesses contacted”Candace” using petition to find out more for jobs that appeared to be too good to be real. Suspicious of so much good fortune she did research and found that the information and processes utilized to assemble additional information from her common techniques taken for identity theft.

NBA Star Steve Smith and movie star Will Smith had been victims of exactly the very same identity convicted offender.

An online resume can be just a ticket into this lottery as well as in more than few scenarios it really is straight towards the lender to cash that successful lotto check. Resumes offer identity thieves with personal information such as: address, name, telephone number, date of arrival, universities attending so when, along with references and their contact info. Some resumes even include weight and height .

The use of technology by potential employees and companies is a common practice. Considering all the information on the market, together with all the current rivalry in the project market just how will you advertise and keep your details safe and sound?

Do the Subsequent:

Re write your resume with a functional structure.

Include a work location.

Include education and work experience in general terms and conditions.

Generate an anonymous occupation hunt email , which really does not use your name.

Utilize your cell contact number and even purchase a prepaid cell telephone system while you’re conducting your job search.

Your search make sure to understand that which online occupation web sites are legitimate and safe.

Get it in writing: print out the licensing and privacy arrangement, prior agreeing with it and also posting your resume.

Professionally explain that more information can be found upon conclusion of a meeting at any acceptable period later face to face contact.


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