Forum Marketing – How to Funnel Forum Traffic to Your Opt-In Page Or Sales Page


Forum marketing is one fail-proof way to get instant traffic to your opt-in page or sales page. Yes, forums are a legitimate way to get completely free traffic (at least in monetary terms) to your web pages and you don’t need to use spam methods to market your websites on them.

The concept with marketing on forums and reaping the free traffic is really simple:

Step 1 – Find The ForumsĀ clickfunnels pricing page

Search for the forums that receive the most traffic in your niche market. Do this by searching for ‘__________ + forums’ on Google. Let’s say I was searching for dog training forums. I would search for ‘dog training forums’ on Google and then take it from there. I can then use to gauge the amount of traffic the forum gets. Looking at frequency of posts and the number of members is also a way to tell how popular it is.

Step 2 – Create Your Signature File

In almost every forum, you are allowed to create a signature file where you can actually promote your website link. So go and ahead and do that with every forum you sign up with. Spend a little time creating an attractive signature that will ensure you get the highest ‘click through rate’ from your posts.

Step 3 – Post Content That Gets Noticed

What do I mean by content that gets noticed? I don’t mean that you have to start flame wars or post controversial threads to get attention. However, you do want to create quality threads with tons of useful content and also reply to threads that need help with quality answers. This will get you recognized as a helpful forum contributor and your signature file will receive much more views.

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