Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract (OLE)


Olive oil has long been touted for its health benefits. But did you know that use of the olive leaf is also steeped in history?

Traditionally, olive leaf extract (OLE) was used to treat a variety of medical problems including fevers, coughs, colds and asthma.

OLE is a rich source of antioxidants called phenols, and also contains vitamin C, beta carotene, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium and a wide range of important amino acids.

When compared with products marketed as “super juices,” olive leaf extract has more antioxidants than goji, acai, guarana, mangosteen and noni juices.

Full of nutrients and free radical-fighting properties, OLE is now marketed for a variety of health and beauty benefits bim100 มะเร็ง:

Combats aging accelerated by free radicals
Strengthens the immune system
Works as a natural antibiotic
Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure for patients with mild hypertension, according to a study done by German and Swiss researchers for a specific OLE called EFLA943.

Fighting free radicals

Every time you inhale, your body’s cells use oxygen to produce energy, along with free radicals. These are unstable molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage and possibly some diseases. External sources, such as exposure to the sun, air pollutants and cigarette smoking, can also cause free radical damage.

Antioxidants defend the body against free radicals by neutralising and stabilising them, hence reducing their capacity to cause harm. Some of the more well-known antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C and carotenoids.

OLE naturally contains a broad spectrum of polyphenolic antioxidants including oleuropein which has been found to strengthen the body’s immune system, plus phenols and flavonoids. Together they work in synergy to provide potent protection against free radicals.

Among the many phenols in OLE is hydroxytyrosol, a catechol derivative of oleuropein. Both are powerful anti-microbial agents against a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels

In a specific study published in Phytotherapy Research, researchers from Switzerland and Germany conducted a trial with 20 monozygotic (basically, identical) pairs of twins with increased blood pressure. Individuals were given placebos or capsules with different doses of olive leaf extract EFLA943, while the pairs of twins were assigned to different treatments. After eight weeks, their blood pressure levels were measured and the study confirmed that taking 1000mg of EFLA943 had a substantial effect on those with borderline hypertension.

The growing use of herbal alternatives

A current concern is the widespread use of antibiotics and prescription drugs. This can cause targeted microbes to become more resilient, resulting in mutating illnesses on which antibiotics have no effect. Some health experts predict that even common bacterial infections may one day pose serious problems.

To remedy this, the use of plants and herbal extracts is becoming more widely adopted in mainstream health care. The natural aspect and medicinal potential, such as in the olive leaf, can contribute positively to the body’s general well-being and its immune system.

Where to find OLE

Nowadays the market is saturated with all types of health products, and OLE is a growing market. Global direct selling company QNet markets fresh-picked olive leaf extracts under a brand called Olé. The olive leaves are selected then immediately processed and bottled according to stringent quality control standards. The branch-to-bottle processing help ensure that the leaves retain their full range of polyphenolics for optimal effect.

How to add OLE to your diet

Straight from the bottle– A quick and fuss-free method.
Mix with drinks — Goes surprisingly well with fruit juices. Try other beverages if you’re adventurous.
Mix with food — Just like olive oil, you can add it to your food.

The recommended daily intake for adults is 1 teaspoon with each meal, while kids should take half a teaspoon with every meal.

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